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Fostering Africa-Europe Cooperation in high consequence pathogens’ research

Oct 18, 2021

DATE: 5 November, 2021



Total approx. time: 3h30-4h

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Dr. Nicole Prada, PhD
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Prof. Christopher H. Logue
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Claudia Filippone
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Pr. Bruno Coutard
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Dr Hervé RAOUL
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Sofia Omar Viegas
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Dr. Tieble TRAORE
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The recent years have been marked by the rapid globalization of infectious diseases.  In this environment of climate change, interdependent trade, travel and migration many factors play an important role in the rise, emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases. The infectious disease landscape has evolved and an outbreak anywhere is now a threat everywhere.  Answering to these challenges demands a coordinated global approach and global cooperation.

The European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents (ERINHA) proposes virtual workshops aiming to enhance cooperation between European high-containment research capacities and targeted regions, endemic with high-consequence pathogens prioritized in the WHO Research & Development Blueprint for actions to prevent epidemics.

The inaugural workshop focuses on Fostering Africa-Europe cooperation in high-consequence pathogens’ research.

The workshop will bring together delegates from scientific community, policymakers, research institutions, international organisations and the ERINHA member institutes to discuss opportunities and challenges for cooperation to address risks raised by highly infectious (re)emerging infectious diseases,with a special focus on the needs of the African region.

Expert presentations will provide an overview of the current epidemic situation on high consequence pathogen’s of the African region, the areas where enhanced collaboration is required, as well as cooperation and capacity building opportunities. ERINHA will update on the status of its scientific activities, service provision and collaboration opportunities, and will provide an insight into its upcoming projects.

Participation in the event is free, but registration is required.

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