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Open applications: Development of an Access Management System for ISIDORe

Fév 14, 2023

The ISIDORe project is looking to develop an Access Management System and has launched a call for applications.

Deadline for proposals: Monday 15th May 2023. First version to be developed by the end of July 2023.

Requirements: Technologies based on CMS, open source and open code (to be deposited in an open repository). Standard compatibility W3C and WCAG 2.1, Compliance of data management and administrative data with FAIR principles, integration with ISIDORe’s branding guidelines.

Object of the proposal: ISIDORe is looking for a partner to develop with web technologies an Access Management System (AMS), to harmonise management of the projects submitted to research call for proposals in the frame of ISIDORe project. ISIDORe provides access to a dedicated pool of transnational access (TNA) services that can only be granted following application through the ISIDORe website. The application process will be hosted on the ISIDORe website, with (meta)data to be stored in a secure Common Information System (CIS). This call for proposals is launched among the research infrastructures (RIs) and networks that participate in ISIDORe, as well as external vendors to put in place an AMS with the most appropriate technology for the ISIDORe project. The proposals will be evaluated internally.

Description of the proposal: AMS: The aim of the ISIDORe AMS is to be able to administer responses to calls and requests for services (e.g., and to collect feedback from users in a standardised and centralised manner. Most of the 17 main ISIDORe partners already have their own access management system (AMS), each adapted to their respective specific needs. There has been no previous attempt to federate them within a uniform application process through an upper layer based on a Content Management System technology. This upper layer must provide access to common functionalities described in the ISIDORe AMS Specification document (see link below) and use syndication processes to feed other AMS platforms and partners’ research platforms/websites. Before applying, applicants can request the ISIDORe AMS Specification documentation and more technical information from Romain David.

Selection Criteria:

● Agile syndication processes that permit information exchanges with the ISIDORe partners’ information systems, possibility to add / remove / modify syndication formats and contents by the ISIDORe partners & coordinator.
● Simple interface for external users as well as administrators
● Detailed breakdown of tasks and corresponding costs
● Availability of developper team for reactive corrections / new implementations
● Capacity to integrate new demands based on new community requirements
● Quality of documentation and help for users (candidate must provide some examples of documentation and online help)
● Possibility to reach objective using iterative steps with community approval processes (based on the Work Package 3 of ISIDORe “Enabling protected and FAIR Data”)
● Proposition of an iterative (auto)evaluation process for the work done

How to submit a proposal: Proposals of up to 6 pages, should include detailed tasks, costs and time needed, with prioritisation of core elements to have a first operational interface as soon as possible. Before applying, applicants can request the ISIDORe AMS specification document and more technical information from Submit your proposal via email to